Supported Living Funding

Living with support

Living in a supported living property typically involves three main elements of property management, housing related support and personal care, although Living with Support is not dependent on receiving personal care.

The costs of Supported living are completely transparent offering real value for money, as each of the three elements described are costed and tailored around your needs  as well as the property you choose to live in. All of this means that (in most cases) your personal budget will cover the costs so that no top-up fees are required to cover any shortfall.

Property management — paid to the landlord

  • Rent for the sole use of your individual room, plus shared communal space in your home. This will be on an assured short hold tenancy for 6 months with a yearly rent review. This can be funded from Housing Benefit or privately according to your means. You will have a licence agreement if it is for a short term stay.
  • Service Charges cover insurances, maintenance, gardening, council tax, communal equipment and such like, payable to the landlord for the upkeep of the property.

Housing related support – paid to your support provider

These costs are variable or calculated on an average cost depending on how many people are living in the property to enable daily living including:

  • Daily Living.
    Food, household cleaning materials, utilities and transport (vehicle and fuel costs) - typically paid into the household budgeted account.
  • Support.
    Support staff are on-site according to the agreed needs of each house to help you with:
    • One to one support needs (according to your assessed needs) including maintaining your tenancy by helping you pay your rent.
    • Group/shared support time (eg: cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, activities etc.)
    • Night support emergency provision

Any of the above support can be part of your Social Services assessed care contract, so payments may vary.

You will be responsible for your own housing and cost of daily living including food, personal toiletries etc and these will be dependent on your home and how many other people you live in the house to share the bills with.

The costs varies according to your individual Person Centred Plan for 1:1 time (and shared time according to how many other people you live with). It can be funded in a number of ways - either by your personal budget or State benefits (if eligible) or privately.

Personal Care — paid to your chosen care provider

Can be provided by a registered agency or person of your choice. If you already have a pre-existing provider, they can continue this for you. Staying in a Supported Living property is not dependent on receiving personal care, and you can choose to cancel the care contract without jeopardising your tenancy. The costs vary according to the provider. This can be funded by Social Services via a Direct Payment, a personal budget or privately.

Please refer to our “Living with support—An Illustration of Costs” leaflet which outlines the breakdown of costs associated with the different types of accommodation and support levels.